Friday, May 13, 2011

Megadungeoning part 0

   Oh a fancy title just for a bunch of posts chronicling my descent into the deep. To start I will say I did not get as much finished yesterday nor today as I wanted. I set aside an hour both days plus extra time when I had it. Yesterday while I did not do as much as I would have liked all I missed really was the scanning it in part. I managed to make the first piece of my map of level one.
    On a slightly off tangent note if you look back and check all my pasts dungeon maps they are straight line with no cave type parts. That would be the reason for today not getting as far as I wanted. Here is what I managed to do:
   If you will note the parts not yet traced. Yes all cave type stuff. Luckily I figured it out now. Depending on how much I work on it tonight it will probably be finished up either tonight or "early" tomorrow. I am using Inkscape for the map. To get the jaggeder walls I used the Filters\Distort\Torn edges, and the less jagged but still rough walls where using Filters\Textures\Stone wall.
   As for what all goes where on the map the only thing I really have planned out is that there is a 75% chance of some intelligent monsters being in that hacked out room right near the entrance. It has a few holes that allow anyone looking through them to see people approaching the entrance.
   I plan to have the area where it is being a giant plateau type thing. If you have read the first few books of The Corean Chronicles by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. then you know how big a plateau I mean. I basically am planning on a reverse dungeon only instead of having it a tower I am using a plateau. I may or may not include other stuff from the books because even though I the first trilogy quite a bit I want to stay closer to D&D and would prefer to not include firearms and stuff like that though the nightsilk will probably be in my game in some form.

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