Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today I helped defend a city

   We actually managed to get through a session without any of us dieing. What happened was after last time we got teleported to a big city to help defend it. By doing this we basicly just joined the rebellion seeing as when we get there we find out that the goblins and such are attacking because the evil king made them. The baron did not want to register his magic with the king so obviously the answer is to send a hoard of evil creatures.
   I believe we survived because of something I did. The DM let us design the section of wall we are defending. I made it a gate with a double door and had a screen of peasent houses in front of the walls. The houses where set up so as to funnel the enemys at us without letting them get volleys of ranged attacks against us. This turned out to be a wise disicion as we only got six 1st level fighters to to start. The only problem and the closest to having a character dieing that we had was that the psionic fighter type decided he wanted to stand right in front of the gate. He has a better attack with ranged weapons and he chose to try to melee.
   The first wave was fine because it was only goblins and they died quickly enough. No real problem here as we basicly killed a third of them and the rest ran away. Between waves the DM rolled to see how the rest of the fight was going and one place did badly so we lost two of our fighters.
   Next wave was a group of six wolves and they got close enough that I could actually attack them. I am perplexed at my team mates at this point and onward as they complain that my burst 5' 2d6 fire damage attack is lame when even if the enemy saves it is a minimum of one damage attack that always hits. Anyway the wolves die quickly enough. The rest of the fight was even keel at this point so we neither lost nor gained fighters at this point.
   Now a fun wave. Three ogres come at us. Mr stand in front of the gate of course gets his block knocked off and goes down to negative nine hp. Luckily I had put a lesser vigor on him already because the wolves did some decent damage to him so he auto stabilized. Without him we did quite well against the orges. The sorcerer in the party had just learned the spell Power Word Pain which does 1d6 a turn for a number of turns depending on the current hp of the monster. Combined with my 2d6 every turn and a barrage of bolts the orges fell quickly. Before the next wave I had to rush out and drag him back in. I also used my domain heal to get him conscious. He stayed inside this time.
   The forth wave was some troops with tower shields covering a battering ram. This wave managed to take out the first gate but other then that died quite handily. That is except for some crazy fire resistant goblins which where manning the ram. Everyone else had to take care of them. The fight went well somewhere else so we got another fighter this wave.
   The fifth wave was a siege tower with a number of enemy fighters in it. This was the first wave where any of our fighters got damaged. In fact every single one of them got hit once. We where able to do a good bit of damage to the people before they got to use. Once they did they had a bit better luck then before but no one went negative. It helped us that the DM decided that you could 5' step and change out your weapon.
   This was the last wave we did and the DM mentioned that it was half over so I guess five more waves are to come. For thouroghness here is the stats for the fighters we had:
12hp 18ac +4melee +2ranged 1d8+2melee 1d8ranged
and because I put arrow slits and such on our wall they where at 22ac till the final wave when the enemy actually got into melee with them. After the fifth wave the fighters where at 6, 10, 9, 10, and 8 hp so if we have any taken from us because of the fight going bad else where I plan to give them the first one. I do have a scroll of Mass Lesser Vigor though so some of them may end up being healed depending on how many extra people I can heal beyond the rest of the party.