Sunday, May 15, 2011

Golems and bad rolls

   Those two things sum up what today went like for me. In the wizard tower we continued on from the room of animated objects and found two force something or other golems. Having generic construct immunities basically took half our party off line until the sorcerer tried magic missile and had it work. They where large creatures with the ability to do a ranged touch attack and if they hit you where moved and knocked down. Apparently they where meant to be something in a room full of traps where they just shift you onto them over and over. They did just fine pushing us into each other though. We managed to beat them so after a good minute or two of healing we moved on.
   In the next room was two more golems. This time they where some kind of magma golem. The party preceded to continue to miss them over and over again. When they died they burst damaging anyone next to them and turning all the squares adjacent to them into molten rock. We ended up with one of our party members seperated from us and at negative eight health. For the longest time the only one damaging the last golem was the sorcerer who after using up all his ray of frost spells started using a sling. We managed to win but are quite low on health and I am out of spells above zero level though I do have a second level spell, heat metal, which I will not cast as it lets me use my fiery burst feat. Lot of good that did me this time.
   Overall we missed a lot of attacks and failed a lot of reflex saves. The treasure was nice though as I found a wand of heal light wounds with ten charges. We also found some other stuff including a masterwork heavy wooden shield, masterwork tower shield, and mithiril heavy shield as well as a wand of mage armor. This meant that everyone got to upgrade their armor in some way.
   There is another room before we finish this level. There may or may not be another level though I assume since it is a mage's "tower" there will be multiple levels to it. Good thing we did not finish this and get back to the risk mode of play. I was the only person who made any characters to act as heros. I slightly cheated in that all three of mine where the same stats but different names. This is perfectly fine though and they are only meant to stay at the three cities we have without any heros and give their bonus to the armies residing there in case the place gets attacked. I named them Allen, Branden, and Carl Broscows. Here is the stats for all three of them:
Neutral Good Human Male - Figher Lv1
AC: 17 (Touch: 13, Flatfooted: 14) - HP: 12
Str:10(0) Dex:16(+3) Con:14(+2) Int:8(-1) Wis:10(0) Cha:18(+4)
Fort:+3 Ref:+3 Will:+0 - BAB:+1 (Melee:+1, Ranged:+4/+5[Heavy Crossbow])
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Weapon Focus[Heavy Crossbow]
Skills: Intimidate:4(8) Ride:4(7) - Speaks Common
Heavy Crossbow [1d10, crit 19-20/x2, range 120', 8lb, P]
Sling          [1d4, crit x2, range 50', 0lb, B]
Dagger         [1d4, crit 19-20/x2, range 10', 1lb, P or S]
Scale Mail     [+4 AC, max dex +3, check penalty -4, 30lb]

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