Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thor 2011

Warning: Spoilers

First I would like to say I really enjoyed the movie
and give it around 8/10 and now onto the review

   On Tuesday I went and saw the movie Thor in 3d. Over all I liked how they translated the comic book hero into a movie though seeing as I have not recently read any of the comics I can not vouch for how close to the material the movie comes.
   I will say that they did an amazing job with portraying Loki as a silver tongued trickster though making him a misguided daddy's boy does not really fit him. Up until Thor gets told of Loki's betrayal he is able to guide Thor's actions like a superb puppet master.
   The ending of the movie while blatantly setting up for Thor 2 was good despite itself. I will now make some predictions about the story for Thor 2 because they set it up so obviously. First Loki will become king of the frost giants by lying and saying something along the lines that Thor killed their king. Being the son of the dead king and having their power source they will accept him will little hesitation. Loki not wanting to take Thor head on but wanting vengeance will instead go to earth and go after the girl. The girl will by then have a prototype bridge and when Loki beams in will use it go for help at Asgard. Because it is a prototype it will only be able to transport two people at a time so Thor and the girl will go back to earth but at that point either the machine will explode or Loki will destroy it stranding Thor on earth with a good number of ice giants to fight and a Loki who has come full into his power as an ice giant. Likely Thor will lose the first battle and lose his hammer which he must then search out and then go have a big boss battle with Loki and driving him back to the ice giants home thus setting up for Thor 3. There is a possibility of having other heros join him in Thor 2 but there will be a Thor 2 though a third Thor is up in the air as at that point they may have done movies for all of the base avengers and so can do a movie about how they became a team.

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